Your AI avatar

Are you looking for an exceptional and modern gift for your loved ones? Or do you want to treat yourself to some virtual fun?

We will create an AI avatar for you from your photos!

How does it work?

Send us 10 photos of you or the person (or two persons from which an avatar couple will be created) for whom the AI ​​avatar will be created. Artificial intelligence will process them and create 100 unique avatars in 10 different styles. We will deliver all avatars to you in digital form and you will choose one (or more) which we will print for you on a 20x20 cm, 30x30 cm or 40x40 cm canvas. We are also happy to frame your picture.

Why choose an AI avatar?

  • Creating an AI avatar from your photo is a modern and innovative gift that shows that the gift is with the times and the digital world.
  • In this day and age, when most gifts are classic, gifting an AI avatar is special and unexpected. This gift can light up the recipient's face and bring joy, as if they received something that they did not think about at all.
  • The AI ​​avatar created from your photo provides an experience, value and uniqueness that can lift the mood and joy of anyone it is designed for. It's a personal, modern and fun way to gift your loved ones.
  • Creating an AI avatar gives you a new way to express yourself on social networks. You can use this virtual image as your profile picture, giving your online presence a new dimension. You can also use your avatar in online games, chat applications and the like.

How to choose the right photos to get a good AI avatar result?

Ideal photos from which to create an avatar are close-up single-person selfies without sunglasses and headgear, different backgrounds and facial expressions, or photo angles, for example:

Examples of good photos

Photos from which a satisfactory result will not be created: more people, wide angle, animals in the frame, sunglasses, hats, or too monotonous photos, for example:

Bad examples of photos

*By placing an order for the creation of an AI avatar, you give us your consent to process your photos for the purpose of creating an AI avatar and then printing them on canvas.

*Our AI avatar may generate artifacts, flaws or defects in the resulting photos (this is beyond our control). Therefore, by placing an order, you accept this risk.